Charles "Chip" Steiner

Product Development, Structured Innovation, Idea Germination, Pre-Clinical Validation, Grant Preparation, Fields: Image Guidance, Artificial Intelligence, Neuromodulation.

30+ Years Experience

Jim Zalar

Business Development, Healthcare Operations, Partnering, Business Leadership, Executive Coaching, Start-Up Management, Clinical Institute Liaison.

25+ Years Experience

Tom Sudow

Business Development, Technology Commercialization, Startup Company Mentorship, Economic Development Accelerator, Early Stage Company Advisor.

30+ Years Experience

Pete O'Neill

Product Development, Technology Licensing Advisor, Successful Startup CEO, Executive Director Commercialization Team, Grant Writer, Clinical Institute Liaison.

25+ Years Experience

Innovation Journey

Conception -> Proof of Concept -> Protection -> Validation -> Regulatory -> Outreach -> Deal Design -> Transaction

Intellectual Property Management

What is your Intellectual Property Worth? Have you considered leveraging the intellectual capital of your company or your staff to grow your business?

We can help you prepare a strategy and build the team to create new sources of revenue from the intellectual capital that your company already owns.


Technology Development

Market Analytics

Business Strategy

Regulatory & IP Protection

Advisory / Key Opinion Leaders


Policies & Procedures

Invention Disclosure Process

Inventor Engagement

Pre-Clinical Validation Support

Efficient, Effective & Open Process


Project Tracking & Management

Cost Accounting & Reconciliation

Reporting & Analytics

Relationship Management

Continual Communication


Startup Leadership

$100M Fundraising

Team Building/Recruiting

Product Development Across Fields

POC Design, Development, Testing

Grant Cultivation, Economic Development


Oversight & Management Premier Commercialization Program

Led Multi-entity Healthcare and Corporate Commercialization Alliance and Consulting Firm

Develop & Refine Commercialization Policies and Procedures

Multi-Million Dollar Budget Oversight

Product Development Fund Stewardship

Established/Managed Scientific & Business Committees with Internal Stakeholders, Industry Thought Leadership, Venture Investor Liaison


Commercialization Offices

Product Development Organizations

Legal & Intellectual Property Support

IT Development Entities

Branding and Marketing

Academic Organizations


Subject Matter Expertise


  • Due Diligence

  • Technology Assessment

  • Partner Identification

  • Business Plan Review

  • Technology Development Planning

  • Materials Review and Recommendations

  • I.P. Review and Recommendation

  • Access to Market


  • Institutional Eco-System Review

  • Commercialization Office Planning and Guidance

  • Process and Infrastructure Guidance

  • Management of Technology Innovation/Commercialization

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