Pete ONeill

Product Development, Technology Licensing, Startup CEO, Executive Director Commercialization Team, Grant Writer, Clinical Institute Liaison, Healthcare Strategy, Intellectual Property Advisor.

25+ Years of Experience

Chip Steiner

Structured Innovation, New Idea Development, Project Management, Pre-Clinical Advisor, Regulatory Advisor, Early Stage Investment Advisor, Intellectual Property.

30+ Years of Experience

Tom Sudow

Business Development, Technology Commercialization, Startup Company Mentorship, Economic Development Accelerator, Early Stage Company Advisor.

30+ Years Experience

Jim Zalar

Business Development, Healthcare Operations, Partnering, Business Leadership, Executive Coaching, Start-Up Management, Clinical Institute Liaison.

25+ Years Experience

Kaleigh Gallagher

Business Development Lead, Technology Commercialization Manager, Intellectual Property Advisor, Project Management, Grant Writer, Deal Leader, Licensing Manager, Clinical Liaison.

10+ Years Experience

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