The future of healthcare lies in the ability to be innovative. Any innovation, no matter if it is highly complex or uncomplicated that improves a patient's well-being and satisfaction, needs to have the opportunity to be explored. It is Novamedics' raison d'être to support innovators, companies, healthcare and research institutions to bring innovation to the market to improve patient care and clinical outcomes.

The Novamedics’ team has been engaged by institutions to design and implement innovation ecosystems, start-ups to support their product commercialization and multinational corporations to provide insight around healthcare’s unmet needs and opportunities. Additionally, the Novamedics’ team works with investors and other funding entities to support their due diligence around potential investments.

Throughout history, successful commercialization activities and commercialization services have been at the core of helping to improve patient outcomes, reduced costs for care and patient and clinician satisfaction. The Novamedics' team rich history of experience includes; startup leadership, commercialization office leadership, product/solution commercialization support, global education around healthcare innovation and expert consultancy to all players in healthcare’s innovation and commercialization ecosystem.


Having worked for one of the most renowned global healthcare innovation programs, the Novamedics' team is experienced at every phase of the commercialization process. Whether it be an organization looking to roll out or enhance an existing commercialization program or an entrepreneur looking for support on their solution, the Novamedics' team can assist. The team is experienced in organizational program development or review, technology assessment reviews, product development and commercialization to name just a few of Novamedics' capabilities

Business Plan Review and Refinement

With access to clinical, financial and operations experts, Novamedics can help entrepreneurs, start-ups and established organization review and refine their business plans to prepare solutions for everything from product development to fundraising and commercialization.

Business Development

The ability to understand where a solution fits in the delivery of care is complicated. Novamedics understands what it takes to identify the appropriate path forward for solutions to move to the next level.

Advisory and Board Development


The Novamedics can support organizations looking to bring in talent to address various needs during the commercialization process.

Value proposition

Success in healthcare commercialization no only require great ideas. It also requires understanding of the value the ideas bring and how that can translate into better outcomes and satisfied clinicians and patients. The ability to differentiate a solution and identify to the healthcare ecosystem is critical for everything from product funding to commercial success.

Market Analytics

Path to Market

Understanding the path to market is essential for commercial success of a solution. Novamedics will work with you to help identify the best path forward, identify roadblocks and opportunities and help determine the optimal use of resources to move ideas forward in an efficient and effective manner.

Customized Strategic Roadmap

Technology Assessment Review


As experienced leaders and operators in healthcare innovation, Novamedics is uniquely qualified to provide organizations with a variety of innovation and commercialization services. Program development, program review, education on US healthcare commercialization ecosystem and product development support are just a few of Novamedics' capabilities. The Novamedics' team has an established track record for providing value and return. Successful healthcare innovation and commercialization requires experience, product development funding and commercial contacts and an understanding of how solutions fit into the care delivery model. Bringing the perspective from decades of experience and contacts to help organizations achieve desired results is what Novamedics' focus with every engagement.

Institutional Eco-System Review

US Based Institutions

Healthcare provider introduction

Product development support

Addressable market identification

Connectivity to subject matter experts

Non US Based Institutions

Support on navigating product development, market introduction to US healthcare systems

Ability to introduce solutions to funding institutions, developers and end users.

Commercialization Office Planning and Guidance

Eco-System Review

Review existing programs to identify areas of leverage and focus

Provide support for needed areas in the Commercialization process

Identification of potential geographic and disease specific funding and development entities

Commercialization Program Establishment

Assess, design and implement innovation and commercialization program

Codify process around commercialization disclosure and product development

Process and Infrastructure Guidance

Management of Technology Innovation/Commercialization


Due Diligence

Technology Assessment

Partner Identification

Business Plan Review

Technology Development Planning

Materials Review and Recommendations

I.P. Review and Recommendation

Access to Market

Business/Company Development

Company Leadership Development

Advisory and Board Development